March, 2024

As you know, don’t look for political viewpoints here, just relevant opinions and observations. We have about 10,000 migrants crossing the Mexican border each day who don’t live in the U.S. and most are asylum seekers. That’s the number that is most widely reported. So 300,000 each month, 4 to 10 million over just the […]

February, 2024

I watch for new builds closely. It’s easy to see when they’re going to hit the market because once they’re under way and progress is visible and their development schedule is easy to determine. It’s public information and Costar shares this. Your buildings are class C and this new one is class A. No threat, […]

January, 2024

Real estate is one of those areas. Even as a passive investor you decided to invest in real estate, you found the people you wanted to invest with, and you decided on an investment. Today the hunt is on. We’re emerging from a very difficult year and deals are trickling back to the market. Everyone […]

December, 2023

After a few out-of-town trips from summer into fall, I’ve been actively nagging my broker friends. They haven’t been selling a lot of properties this year so they’re eager to do a deal. They’re contacting owners, nurturing them along in their process, and bringing properties to market. I have been seeing a lot of them, […]

November, 2023

As we know the Fed Funds Rate does not directly drive commercial lending rates. Those are driven more by the bond markets, and the 10 year Treasury yields are the best measure of that. They peaked and are heading down. Look for it not to be a steady drop but there’s more reason to see […]

October, 2023

I just came back from Norway. It is a gorgeous country, extremely friendly people, and I can’t gush enough about it. It also is very expensive to live there. I’m not going to pretend to know all the reasons why but they choose to support a deep social safety net and they tax themselves heavily. […]

August, 2023

Where do you find education? There are countless places to find it but there’s only so much time in the day. Do you go to a conference to learn? That might feel like spending a weekend and learning just one thing that you could have read in an article. Or training? I always recommend to […]

July, 2023

Are you as much of a cash flow hog as I am? I always have been but I have grown to appreciate the benefits of being an appreciation-focused investor. Fortunately in multifamily real estate investing we can be both, but it is important that we make our choices from an informed perspective. Investing in multifamily […]

May, 2023

The question most often asked in real estate is how do I get started. I’ve shared several options for people with funds and without funds, using examples of successful investors. They all require getting yourself out there and talking with people. It is not like investing in stocks where you sit at your computer and read […]

April, 2023

This feels like 2010 to me. No one knows if we’re out of the woods, if economic signs are going to be pointing up, but the bad news with inflation and interest rates has been out for over a year. We just had bank failures and we might have more, and many are predicting a […]