November, 2022

Does email reach you? Here I am, sending emails out to everyone but I’ll be the first to acknowledge that not everyone prefers emails, or even reads them. My kids are in their 20’s and do read their emails but don’t usually use them for most communications like I do. In fact, they treat emails […]

January, 2023

Real estate investors are excitable people. It’s hard for me to contain my excitement for upcoming opportunities in the market. I was for the most part an investor through the 2008 great recession, although I didn’t actually invest prior to that. I intended to, had partners lined up, and actively looked for multifamily properties, but […]

December, 2022

Where are you finding opportunities in multifamily today? I’m reading that deal volume has dropped off a cliff. Clearly the buy sell dynamic has changed. Is it that owners who want to sell are holding properties off the market? Or do sellers still have expectations that buyers will pay for proforma? Does the property need […]

October 2022

John, What will your investments be worth in five years from now? Waitaminute … five years? Who wants to wait that long? We all do. Because that’s the real question real estate investors should be asking. Not “Can we 2X this property in 2 years”, which is what many of us have been asking. It is what […]

September 2022

How do you approach someone in a networking environment? We know that real estate investing is a team sport, so we need to get out there and meet people, but what’s the most effective way to do that. I’ve been taught to introduce myself, ask them questions, look interested. That’s fine, but two people are […]

August 2022

Do any of the red-hot markets look scary to you today? As investors we have to keep our crystal balls shiny because projecting into the future is required. What trends and events will affect our investment, both local and national. Which sources of data are reliable. And what metrics should we be tracking. Markets like Phoenix, Las […]

July 2022

These are not times of extreme distress, despite what you might be reading. An interest rate pop of 200 basis points does not mean we’re having an economic meltdown, a real estate crisis, or anything like that. Maybe that’s right around the corner but it’s not here today. Instead, today is when to push sellers […]

June 2022

Jobs growth is one of the most important metrics to consider when analyzing a market. But how skewed are the numbers today?

May 2022

What seduced me into real estate investing was simply the adventurous opportunities but what kept me interested early on and still today is the people I associate with. Nowhere else do you find people with such positive attitudes, ready to help with no expectation of anything in return. Once I became connected with networking groups, […]

April 2022

Renters like to move in the spring. That’s not big news to anyone with experience over more than a couple of years. When I first started buying apartments 11 years ago I had heard this, and it made sense, but year after year this simple rule of thumb has proven extremely reliable. Even if they’re […]