Impossible Thinking

We all have them. Thoughts about the impossible. “Only if I could … Nah, that’s ridiculous.”

What have you not tried because you thought it was too far out of your reach? For me, it was owning huge, mega-apartments. Which for me was anything over 30 units. Then I did it, and have been buying even bigger properties ever since. And raising a million dollars. Moving up from there.

Why do we have these barriers? I can’t answer that. Find a good book like “The Power of Impossible Thinking”. But I can confirm that they exist, that they hold us back, and that we can overcome it.

Take the 4-minute mile. The mile run was a major event in track and field since around 1886. Stopwatch technology was accurate and people had the means to travel for competitive sports events. The mile races were fast but not close to four minutes. Race times dropped but over not just years but decades the 4 minute barrier stood. No one was even very close. It was the impossible barrier. Four minutes became the Holy Grail of athletic achievement, so naturally everyone raced their best and really hoped to break it, but no one did and this barrier stood forever.

Until Roger Bannister broke it in 1956. All those years and someone finally broke it!

What happened next? In one year four more runners broke it. Did they learn new training techniques, shoot themselves up with steroids? No. They just no longer believed it was impossible.

What could you do if you knew it was possible? The list is probably long.