Technology – Embrace It!

How eager are you to try new technology? Around the house, on your job, real estate – what is useful rather than just cool. I’ve worked in tech my whole career, with my first job writing software for ground control to send and receive messages from spacecraft, including  a rocket launched from the Space Shuttle. I’ve watched it evolve from basic business information tools to the social connectors that we love/hate today (strong movie recommendation: Social Dilemma on Netflix). What are you using today in real estate and thinking about using?

Some easy choices are around security, convenience, safety, even Covid:

Smart locks – how easy it is to rekey in a turn, how easy for a tenant to rekey, with the security of knowing a prior tenant won’t have that key.

Security systems – Simple wifi cameras in strategic locations around the property. Then you need a hub and connectivity to the Internet but no problem if you have an office. Cameras too far from the office? Don’t let that stop you, get a wifi amplifier to extend your reach. Better yet, hire a local IT service firm to set it up for you.

Lighting controls – frivolous? Certain types of tenants love them. They can’t wait to tell their friends.

Remote thermostat controls – I’m heading home from work, gonna turn that heat up so it’s warm when I get home! Check out Nest. Again, tenants will tell their friends.

Leak detectors – this could save you an expensive emergency repair.

Remote access management – a contractor or prospective tenant is at the door to the unit, a camera shows you who they are, you release the keys or talk to them. The tenant didn’t need to meet with you (contactless!), you didn’t have to send someone to meet them (time saved). I saw a great product overview by Lubn although I can’t verify their credibility.

Virtual tours – this has become very prevalent. If you’re not using it, you’re missing a great opportunity. And tenants have come to expect it. Hire a Matterport photographer. If you don’t know them check out their website to see what they do. Photographers in your market buy the Matterport cameras and you hire them to come to your unit to create a virtual walk-through. It is completely amazing.